Joshek Devices Branding

Hi, I'm Joshek.

Python and Front-end Web Developer.

About me

I make websites and some Discord bots. You'll mainly find me talking on Discord on the inactive wonderful server called Nevion. Outside of Discord, I'm normally programming or attending school, and by attending school, I mean sitting at the back of class and playing Minecraft or osu! because it's all gibberish I don't need. My most notable project is Arc, a simple to use but powerful Discord bot. I'm currently in the works of rewriting it.

How many online handles do you have?

len("Joshek", "JoshekDev", "SkryptKiddie", "Joshkek")

or in english, 4. I also realised that it won't parse in python3 :(

Why so many site redesigns?

My taste in design changes often, that's for certain. My other complaint is that I can't make a responsive site, so that's why Version 7.0 was a W3.CSS template. I'm hoping that this design style will stick for longer. Thanks to kfw8 for ideas with design too!